Some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services appear below.  Click on a question and we will take you directly to the best possible answer to that question.  In some cases, we will give you a link to that area on our website for more information.  If you would like to submit your own question not listed below, please Contact Us for information, or to send us your comments.

What legal issues do your Time and Attendance products resolve regarding Federal and State Labor Laws?

TimeTrak offers the ability to record and calculate employee IN/OUT times, provide meal periods, paid breaks, and adjust overtime hours in accordance with all Federal and State Labor Laws.  In addition, TimeTrak applies all of your organization’s pay policies fairly and consistently each pay period to all your employees, thereby eliminating favoritism.  Complete Audit Trails are also automatically maintained throughout the system tracking who, when, and what changes have been made.

What are the reasons we should purchase our new Time Clock from you?

Since 1925, we have sold and serviced just about every type of time clock available.  Our experienced representatives will help you get the time clock and supplies that are just right for your company.  Unlike other suppliers who offer one or two choices, we stock many models and have time cards for each pay period length for all models.  We are a valued added reseller of the world’s most popular time clocks, providing expertise in the installation and setup of your time clock.  And, we offer onsite service in the event your time clock should need service.

Does your Software Support Contract include Free Upgrades?

The standard Annual Software Support Contract does not include free software version upgrades, but does include unlimited version updates.  Our software version upgrades typically occur every 24 to 30 months and you are not required to upgrade your software.  If you choose to upgrade your software version to the next level, you will retain 90% of the software value.  Annual Software Support Contracts which include free version upgrades can be offered by contacting your local representative.

Can we create Custom Reports with your Time and Attendance Software?

Yes. TimeTrak v10 includes a built in Report Engine for Custom Reports to be created using either Crystal Report Writer or Microsoft Visual Web Developer.

What type of Time Clocks do you offer?

We offer stand alone time clocks, stand alone computerized time clocks, PIN entry terminals, badge swipe terminals, biometric terminals, proximity reader terminals, touchscreen terminals, PDA based clock IN/OUT, PC based clock IN/OUT, and interactive voice response telephone clock IN/OUT.

How much will it cost me to purchase your Time and Attendance System?

The cost to purchase our products will depend on your exact system needs.  Our Small Business Time & Attendance for 50 employees start at only $795.00.  Most businesses will require more solutions.  That’s why we offer so many different solutions, helping you define the system solution that best fits you and your budget.  Regardless of what solutions you choose today, all of our products may be upgraded at a future time.  Our prices are very competitive and we offer lease to purchase options, as well.  Contact our representatives and after they determine your needs, will provide complete details on your system cost.

Do you offer a monthly rental program?

Yes, we provide a monthly rental program for our time clocks, data collection terminals, and software products.  Our SaaS (Software as a Service) is hosted on web servers we provide and maintain.

We have employees who work in remote locations, but have access to the Internet. Do you have a web based solution for recording time?

Our ClocTrak product can be hosted on a web server to run on the Internet.  Employees can be empowered to clock IN/OUT, enter total hours worked, assign the hours to activity-related functions, and look up information such as, available benefit hours, current hours worked, work schedule, etc.

Our ClocTrak Mobile turns your Pocket PC, Smartphone or other Windows Mobile device into a sophisticated employee time collection and information retrieval system.

Our TimeTrak Text Message allows employees to conveniently transact using ordinary SMS text messages.

Can your Time and Attendance software interface directly with our payroll?

Yes. We offer over 100 direct payroll interfaces from TimeTrak to payroll.  We use no third party interface to bring the employee total hourly data into the payroll software.  In addition, we can provide custom interfaces when necessary.

Do you offer a software product which will allow my employees to clock IN/OUT on my computer?

Yes, ClocTrak is a simple PC based application for this purpose.  Combine with TimeTrak for a complete Time & Attendance solution.