Detex ProxiPen Kit Guard Tour Verification and Reporting Software

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The ProxiPen is a market leading guard patrol verification system. ProxiPen records the presence of security personnel at given times and places. ProxiPen reads approved proximity tags automatically and can fully satisfy the data collection needs of both commercial and industrial applications. The ProxiPen kit contains all that you need to start working with the ProxiPen.

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Contains all you need to begin. Includes:

  • 1 x ProxiPen-2
  • 1 x Pen-Dtu-Cable-USB
  • 1 x Pen-Dtu-USB
  • 1 x TG-Patrol SOFTWARE
  • 20 x Pen-Tag-30

PROXIPEN-2 – ProxiPen Data Collection Unit
The ProxiPen is rugged and easy to use. The ProxiPen automatically detects a tag when it comes within range, and provides a confirmation tone and flashes of lights. When reading a tag, the location code, date and time of reading are stored in the ProxiPen. The memory capacity is 4,063 readings. Batteries can be replaced without using special tools.

TG-PATROL – TopGuard Patrol Control Software
The core tool for planning tours, collecting data and generating reports. Up to 16 tours & 1750 checkpoints.

PEN-TAG-30 – Proximity Tag 30 mm Diameter
The tags are supplied with a factory pre-set number. Tags are resistant against weather, dirt, grease and moisture. They can be installed by using a screw, glue or adhesive tape. They can be placed behind glass or under plaster.

PEN-DTU-USB – USB Data Transfer Unit for ProxiPen
Transfers data from the ProxiPen to a PC or modem. It is equipped with an RS232 interface & USB interface. Data exchange between the DTU and the ProxiPen is contactless. Requires 9V transformer power supply in serial operation ONL Y.

To connect the PEN -DTU -USB to a USB port on the PC.

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