stores, tracks, and helps create quick reports on
historical hours, exception history and user-configured reason
codes.  It also generates, monitors, and controls benefit time,
while providing flexible reporting tools for business analysis.

automates the monitoring, reporting, and appropriate
actions for the events of importance to a company – absentee policy,
excessive tardiness, perfect attendance, etc.

automates the process of scheduling and
de-scheduling employee benefit time requests.

Labor Management Solutions . . .

Software and Hardware
for managing your Labor Workforce through the
timely collection and processing of employee

  • Whether your employees are
    salaried, hourly, exempt, non-exempt, temporary,
    subcontracted, or any combination thereof,
    TimeTrak has the right suite of integrated
    solutions to help you manage your workforce.
    Whether all employees reside in one building,
    multiple buildings around a corporate park,
    scattered offices throughout the country,
    throughout North America, or even around the
    world, TimeTrak has the technology to keep them
    connected and to keep the system setup,
    administration, and processing at headquarters;
    eliminating the complications of multiple systems
    with multiple administrators, while finally making
    timely corporate labor reporting a reality.

    • Easy
      Integration Assured

      Fully integrated software and
      hardware solutions, providing the latest in a
      changing world of intelligent data collection
      technologies, automate your Labor Management
      needs — Time and Attendance, Labor
      Distribution, Scheduling and “Limited” Human
      Resource functions. Customers experience easy
      integration with SQL data formats, Oracle,
      Informix, Sybase, ODBC and others. Hundreds of
      interfaces to Payroll, HR, Scheduling and other
      Labor and MIS systems exist, and custom
      interfaces are always done in-house eliminating
      the complications of third party software
    • Access
      From Anywhere an IP Connection Can be

      allows companies, supervisors and even
      employees to “think thin” in
      the once time-consuming tasks of
      processing and reviewing employee
      hours for payroll and benefits.
      Information is now available
      instantly, whether for single or
      multiple locations, even for
      multinational organizations.
      TimeTrak’s unique “Thin
      Client” technologies means
      companies can have that centralized
      database, with processing speeds far
      exceeding those formerly available on
      a local area network. From an
      employee’s perspective,
      “thin” means quick, direct
      and secure access to confidential
      information. From a corporate
      investment perspective it means
      dramatically reduced costs and
      administration, with better
      information on what your employees are

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