uAttend Time Keeping Solutions

All about Earning Your Trust

When you buy a time tracking solution with uAttend, you put your trust in our hands. Whether it’s purchasing a Biometric Time Clock, proximity card reader or online membership plan, we strive to honor that trust and maintain a higher standard of excellence in everything we do for you. Our parent company, Processing Point, was founded on customer support. In order to stand out in a competitive, commodity-type industry such as merchant services, one has to be the very best in customer service. Processing Point became successful in merchant services due to our quick support response times and our personal relationships with customers. We’ve carried this philosophy over to uAttend, making customer service and satisfaction our main mission and goal.

We offer several WIFI-ready time clock models, including a Biometric Attendance System that uses fingerprint recognition technology to identify employees when they punch in and out.

Learn about our commitment first-hand! Purchase one of our affordable and effective time and attendance solutions and see for yourself. We invite you to look at our robust line of time clocks and encourage you to visit with a sales representative to help you find the right one.